Central City Gazette

That was Then, This is in the Know
Established 1856

Something’s always happening in Central City. Beginning when Walleye Pondere broke ground on his trading post in the early nineteenth century, through industrialization, prohibition, the Jazz Age, the gang war of the late seventies brought Tran Van Kahn to power, and extending into the future, the city continuously changes. The denizens of Central City struggle to make ends meet, endeavor to develop meaning in their lives, and wrestle with their desires, values, and expectations.

Nothing in Central City is ever as it seems, and nothing remains the same.

As you read the stories about Central City’s underworld, thumb through the Gazette to learn more about the origins of the city, the past patterns of change and development, and the historical characters whose actions paved the way for the likes of Vincent Bayonne and Kane Kulpa.

The City Beat

Zoned Out of Life

Central City Gazette                                             City Beat Sunday, March 7th, 1926 Babs Wells Gone are the days when you could make

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The Crime Beat

Unhappy Ending

Central City Gazette                                               Crime Beat Friday, September 4th, 1992 Leslie Lawless Police responded to a report of a dead

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The Sports Beat

Basketball Star Burns Out

Central City Gazette                                              Sports Beat Wednesday, January 6th, 1993 Casey Cranston Four hookers, two celebrities, and enough party drugs

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The Crime Beat

Chow Down’s Special Ingredients

Central City Gazette                                               Crime Beat Saturday, May 29th, 1993 Leslie Lawless Chow Down served The Fourth and Ten until

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The Crime Beat

Midtown Stabbing

Central City Gazette                                              Sports Beat Sunday, July 25th, 1993 Leslie Lawless The Central City Police Department confirmed an arrest

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The Crime Beat

A Criminal Drop in Crime

Central City Gazette                                              Police Beat Thursday, July 1st, 1993 Leslie Lawless The Central City Police Department provided the city’s

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