Basketball Star Burns Out

Central City Gazette                                              Sports Beat

Wednesday, January 6th, 1993

Casey Cranston

Four hookers, two celebrities, and enough party drugs to kill an elephant may sound like a great time, but it culminated in the death of Central City’s Julius “Spike” Holmes last Wednesday evening.

The only son of Mayor Parnell Holmes, Central City’s greatest native athlete, Spike had the brightest of futures. In his few short years, he led the Central High Panthers to three state basketball tournaments culminating in two championships. Playing for Central City State University, he made three tournament appearances. He was, quite simply, the greatest basketball player this city ever produced, and he should’ve enjoyed a lengthy professional career. 

Unfortunately, Spike, like too many of our city’s youth, didn’t survive Central City. He became a statistic instead of a star. 

Sources in the police department claim Spike Holmes suffered from an enlarged heart, and his young death appears to have been without malice, an unfortunate twist of fate turned tragic. 

True as these reports may be, this reporter believes tragedy might have been avoided in a city with less crime, fewer drugs, and safer streets.

Central City must embrace change before we lose our future.

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