Seth Gromski Central City Book Character

Seth Gromski



Zodiac Sign:

Taurus (Bull)



Seth emerged from the bedroom wearing sweatpants and no shirt. He pulled a coffee filter from his cupboard and started to scoop Folgers out of a can. At six feet six inches, he looked like he had workout equipment for furniture.


Seth Gromski arrived in the US with his parents when they defected in 1974. He was ten. His parents had owned a string of bars in Warsaw, where they had catered to the pleasures of the communist officers until the labor party emerged. They anticipated change and fled to avoid a purge.

Seth’s father tried to rebuild his operation in the US and was killed by Tran’s men. His mother went to work in a dry cleaner’s. They were poor, but she was proud. Seth stole a car, wound up at St. Catherine’s with Kane, and saw Kane’s potential.

Physical Details:

Short Black Hair. Dark Skin. Square head. Olive skin tones. Olive eyes. Bushy eyebrows. Chest hair. 

Slight Polish accent.