Kane Kulpa Central City Book Character

Kane Kulpa



Zodiac Sign:

Libra (Scales)




After losing both his parents, Kane Kulpa became a ward of the Catholic Church and attended St. Catherine’s, a Benedictine boarding school. He studied philosophy and history at Central City State University. To pay his tuition, he sold drugs. Shortly before earning his degree, he was arrested by Vincent Bayonne. Convicted, he spent three years in prison where he saved the life of Bruno Pantagglia. Upon release, Kane went to work for Bruno.

In the years after his father’s death, Kane didn’t have time to think about how much of his father had survived inside himself. The rage and the fear, Kane thought, were echoes of the tragedies he’d experienced. He’d been doing his best to survive and trying to be a man when he was still only a kid. Survival’s not for the squeamish, and when a person is busy trying to survive, he doesn’t have time to learn to appreciate beauty, to embrace a concept like faith, or, sometimes, even to maintain dignity.

Physical Details:

Short Black Hair. Olive Skin. Brown Eyes. Thin eyebrows. A burn scar on his right cheek in the shape of a kiss. Left-Handed.

Kane’s scar looks like a woman’s lipstick on his cheek, referred to by friends and enemies as the devil’s kiss.