Why Can’t Eye, Part Three

Story begins Here.

7:38PM Monday, March 7, 1983

“I just don’t understand why you won’t talk to me about this.” Cassidy said.

Despite Cassidy’s short and compact body, she commanded attention. Her eyes were round and wide, undercutting her knowing stare and quick wit. She’d turned Kane’s head by backing down the amorous attentions of a frat boy at a kegger, but Kane had found himself in over his head and perhaps sore from being pulled to her level. She stood in front of the coffee table and spoke to Kane who sat slouched in his office chair. Kim, Cassidy’s friend, sat on the couch next to Seth. Kim and Seth stared at the coffee table.

Kane said, “Talk about what?”

“I want to go to the party in Waite Park.”

“You should go then.”

“I want you guys to come with us. You’re just sitting here.”

Kane shrugged. “I need a quiet night.”

“There’ll be a lot of people you can hook-up. You’ll make a lot of money.”

“People I don’t know. Trouble I don’t need.”

Cassidy turned to the couch. “Seth, why do you guys want to sit around here tonight?”

Seth said, “It is a Monday. How great a party could it be?”

The boom box began to play “Over the Hills and Far Away.”

Kim asked, “Is this the second time we’ve listened to this song?”

Seth nodded. “At least.”

Cassidy said, “Come on, Kim. Let’s get out of here. These guys are no fun.”

Cassidy kissed Kane on the cheek. “I’ll give you a call tomorrow.”

Kane nodded and looked at his cigarette, which had an inch and a half of ash hanging off the end.

Cassidy and Kim disappeared into the hallway, and Seth and Kane could hear them talking as they walked toward the stairwell.

Kim said, “Those guys are weird.”

Cassidy said, “Yeah, but Kane gave me two free joints.”

“You should date a car salesman.”

“You don’t like my Ford?”

The storm door on the stairwell slammed shut, and Seth said, “Those girls are a lot of fun.”

“I thought I just lit this cigarette,” Kane said before tipping the ash into the ashtray, grinding the butt, and lighting a fresh one.

“How long are you going to go out with that girl?”

“I don’t know. I thought I should wait until I’m sober to break up with her.”

Kane stood, walked to the refrigerator, and took out a beer.

Seth said, “Wait a moment. We should go to Black Bear.”

“The casino?”


“That’s a forty-five-minute drive toward Collegeville.”


“You’re thinking about the sights and sounds, the neon.”

“I am.”

Kane handed Seth a beer, grabbed his keys off his desk, and led the way to the car.

Continued in Part Four.

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