Book ‘Em’s

Book 'Em's Central City Book Illustrations Buildings

Book ’Em’s, obviously a cop bar, was conveniently located across the street from St. Patrick’s precinct, sandwiched between a bail bonds office and a pawnshop. In the long, thin, watering hole with a proper bar along one wall and a row of booths along the other, they sat in the booth farthest from the street and the light of day. Above their heads hung photographs, images of famous Irish Americans like the Kennedy brothers, Gene Kelly, John Huston, Donald O’Connor, Raymond Chandler, and Jimmy Braddock. The white, green, and orange hung on the back wall above the jukebox playing John Feeney singing a Caoineadh. Bayonne wasn’t Irish, so some of the faux nationalism felt like malarkey, but Book ’Em’s was his precinct bar, and the jukebox also played Sinatra, Deeno, Elvis, the Righteous Brothers, and a wide selection of jazz.