Character Category: Central City

Peter DiVittorio Central City Book Character

Peter DiVittorio

A thin man with a long face, Pete looked to be a dash to Bruno’s dot. Peter Di Vittorio had never married. After his mother died, Bruno had been the closest thing to family he had. Neither were that old, only early fifties, but liver spots covered Pete’s gaunt face. He raised the highball glass, …

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Seth Gromski Central City Book Character

Seth Gromski

Seth emerged from the bedroom wearing sweatpants and no shirt. He pulled a coffee filter from his cupboard and started to scoop Folgers out of a can. At six feet six inches, he looked like he had workout equipment for furniture. Biography: Seth Gromski arrived in the US with his parents when they defected in …

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Karla Buchelli Central City Book Character

Karla Buchelli

Biography: Karla was the daughter of an Italian housewife who spoke no English and an Italian-American dockworker who beat his wife and daughter. Her father died in a bar fight, and her mother died of cancer six years later. She found work in one of Bruno’s brothels, where Kane saw how smart she was and …

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Molly Matches Central City Book Character

Molly Matches

Kane turned to leave again when her door creaked. He looked into the darkness, her diminutive, round form cloaked in shadow. She stepped forward, wearing a pink sweatshirt and pajama pants decorated with little Scottish Terriers, and smiled, the muscles in her jaw pulling the flesh upward, turning the scar tissue on her neck white. …

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Crystal Molloy Central City Book Character

Crystal Molloy

Kane drove around for a while before he found her, a young girl, seemingly apprehensive, defensive body language, and no track marks. He saw her from a block away, five-foot-four, brown hair in pig tails, a little like Diamond might’ve looked before the lifestyle robbed her of her best years. She wore a thick camouflage …

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Adam McKenna Central City Book Character

Adam McKenna

Biography: Adam McKenna spent 15 months in the hospital after father’s death. Upon his release, he attended a Catholic boarding school in Chicago while completing physical and counseling. After high school, he attended the University of Illinois and studied criminal justice. After college, he attended the police academy and joined the Central City Police Department …

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Bruno Pantagglia Central City Book Character

Bruno Pantagglia

Biography: Bruno grew up around the corner from Peter DiVittorio, and the two of them became inseparable in kindergarten. As partners, they developed political and criminal control of the old neighborhoods between the river and the south side. They own numerous bars, clubs, pawn shops, hotels, restaurants, and storefronts throughout St. Patrick’s, Commerce City, and …

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Detective Vincent Bayonne

Detective Vincent Bayonne stood beneath a lamppost on the edge of Woodland Park. He held a sack lunch in one hand and a cigarette in the other. His Army-green jacket hung loose on his thin frame, but his flannel shirt fit him well, tucked into his jeans. He watched Kane from beneath his Detroit Pistons …

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Tran Van Kahn Central City Book Character

Tran Van Kahn

The five-two Tran wore a pin-striped suit that set off his white hair, which reached the middle of his back, and wispy, white beard, which reached the middle of his chest. His round, wire-rimmed eyeglasses softened the stark lines of his face, commas for eyebrows, slanted eyes, and a hooked nose. Biography: Tran had been …

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Kane Kulpa

Biography: After losing both his parents, Kane Kulpa became a ward of the Catholic Church and attended St. Catherine’s, a Benedictine boarding school. He studied philosophy and history at Central City State University. To pay his tuition, he sold drugs. Shortly before earning his degree, he was arrested by Vincent Bayonne. Convicted, he spent three …

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