Karla Buchelli Central City Book Character

Karla Buchelli



Zodiac Sign:

Aries (Ram)




Karla was the daughter of an Italian housewife who spoke no English and an Italian-American dockworker who beat his wife and daughter. Her father died in a bar fight, and her mother died of cancer six years later. She found work in one of Bruno’s brothels, where Kane saw how smart she was and hired her to help run the Side Saddle.

Karla, a buxom brunette in a skintight yellow dress, smiled. She turned to exchange pleasantries with the male bartender, a giant of a man, giving Bayonne a clear view of the angel’s wings tattooed over her shoulder blades.

Physical Details:

Curly Black Hair, creamy skin, voluptuous figure. A knockout who knows it. When she moves, heads turn.