Adam McKenna Central City Book Character

Adam McKenna



Zodiac Sign:

Virgo (Maiden)


5′ 10″


Adam McKenna spent 15 months in the hospital after father’s death. Upon his release, he attended a Catholic boarding school in Chicago while completing physical and counseling. After high school, he attended the University of Illinois and studied criminal justice. After college, he attended the police academy and joined the Central City Police Department in order to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Adam McKenna wasn’t a bad kid. Earnest and eager, two good qualities in a neophyte, even if they won’t do anything for you on the job. Still, McKenna didn’t look like much of a cop. He stood about five ten and had clearly gone to seed in the five years since he got out of the academy. Forty pounds overweight, he wore thick, horn-rimmed glasses and had platinum-blond hair buzzed short, almost invisible. His suit, a size too big to hide his girth, looked like he’d taken out a loan for it without realizing it would be stained by vomit or blood or both by the end of the week.