Central City

A Novel By Indy Perro



“A somber, moody, and absorbing mystery/thriller.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Though its circumstances are harsh, Central City is a thriller with surprising heart.”
–Foreword Clarion Reviews

“With its intricate plot and delicious, film noir-ish prose, Central City is an engrossing murder mystery helmed by two familiar yet originally drawn characters: the hard-boiled detective and the world-weary antihero, straight out of the best of pulp fiction.”


Kane Kulpa is an ex-con with a conscience. Vincent Bayonne is the troubled detective that put him away.

Now, cat and mouse are thrown into an uneasy alliance when their streets are stalked by a vicious serial killer targeting lonely men. As Kulpa and Bayonne realise they can trust nobody but each other on their hunt for the murderer, the dangerous and corrupt Central City teeters on the edge of all-out gang warfare.

In a damaged town where it’s hard to tell the guilty from the innocent, how do you catch a killer?

A hard-boiled crime thriller that’s perfect for fans of Michael Connelly, Dennis Lehane, and James Sallis!

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Reader Reviews

“Central City is one of those great works of gritty noir fiction
that captures the imagination from the beginning and doesn’t let go.”

“Indy Perro’s debut novel, Central City, is a gritty crime/mystery that
finds the author offering a fresh take on a classic formula, all the while
side-stepping many of the genre’s most tired tropes.”


“Fans of detective stories and crime novels will really dig this one.”


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