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Central City

Hit the streets of this damaged town, discover its checkered history (and volatile present), and meet the cops, cons, killers, and chancers who populate the gripping Kulpa and Bayonne Mysteries.

By horse, steam, rail, road, and interstate, Central City grew from a modest trading post to a bustling metropolis of varied districts, each with their own atmosphere-and problems. Gang warfare ran rampant until cops and criminals negotiated an uneasy truce through citywide corruption.


But nothing lasts forever, and change comes when you least expect it…

In a damaged town where it’s hard to tell the guilty from the innocent, how do you catch the truly evil?

Meet the eclectic, unforgettable cast of the Kulpa and Bayonne Mysteries.

Grab your copy of the Central City Gazette, discover the history of this remarkable, dangerous town, and meet the historical villains, chancers, cons, and characters whose actions paved the way for the likes of Vincent Bayonne and Kane Kulpa.

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